How does it work?

Check in at our front desk when you arrive to pre-load one of PourMyBeer’s™ proprietary RFID cards used to unlock the tap. You can either pre-pay with cash/credit card or leave your credit card with one of our friendly staff members. 

Once you have your RFID card in hand, take a trip over to tap wall to explore all the beers we have to offer. You can touch the screen to read more about the tasting notes. Once you decided on your choice of beer, insert your card at the touch screens located above the individual taps and pull the corresponding handle to fill up! The RFID card keeps track of all your pours and you are only charged for what comes out of the tap. You can sample as many beers as you like or just stick to your favorites. After your first 36 ounces, you must check back in with a staff member to ensure you are not over-served.


Where is the American Train Car?

The American Train Car is located in the courtyard behind the Chattanooga Choo Choo terminal.


Are you available for private parties?

Yes! However there are some limitations on certain days and times. Please contact us at manager@americandraft.beer to start the conversation.


Any other questions?

Reach out to us with any other questions you may have via manager@americandraft.beer.